The Israeli Paratroopers (Tzanchanim) are one of the most famous units in the IDF.

Here you can buy an authentic set of T-shirt, jumper, bag, wings, badges and more.

Personalize with name printed in Hebrew and English on the back (add extra $3.00)

Made in Israel.

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Jump Wings - IDF Parawings T-shirt
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Hooded Paratroops- Jump Wings Sweatshirt
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Kanfei Tznicha - Jump Wings
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Best Selling Children's Zahal / IDF T-shirt
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Tzanchanim Green Knitted Winter Watch Cap
Tzanchanim Black Knitted Winter Watch Cap
Israel IDF Army Watch Paratroopers - zanchanim
Israel IDF Fleece Jacket - Double Sided
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IDF Home Front.
Paratroopers IDF Patch
New Giant Paratrooper Carry-All Grand Chimidan
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