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Bag-Pro Tactic 450 AW



Dimensions 34.8 by 27 by 48.8 cm
Inner Dimensions 31.X 19.8 X 44 cm
Self Weight 2.6 Kg
Internal dimensions for Laptop  27X36 cm
Compact, rigid case for maximum maintenance. Possessing capacity for multi-photographic equipment

  *   Professional DSLR cameras with Grip. One camera with a lens connected to 70-200 f2.8

   *  Customizable interior compartment that can hold 8 lenses / flashlights
  * Dedicated and highly protected laptop compartment up to 15.6 "
  *   External place fitted to tripod
  *   Additional pockets for accessories
  * The bag has three quick openings: at the top of the bag and on both sides for quick retrieval of the equipment.
  *  In addition, the main opening of the bag is located at the back, attached to the back, thus providing good protection against thefts.
  * The waistband breaks down to the weight distribution in carrying the case over time.

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