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Fastpack BP 250 AW II



Inner dimensions: 29x15.5x27.5 cm
Dimensions 31x26x50 cm
Internal computer dimensions 29x2x46 cm
Photo cell dimensions 29x15.5x27.5 cm
Self-weight 1.8kg

The bag includes improved protection for each cell,
In a built-in case cover for all weather protection AW Cover ™ and CradleFit ™,
And three, primary storage areas to help you keep organized and ready for the fast pace of modern travel.

Three main areas - to store, protect and carry a wide range of equipment
The camera area is dynamic and customizable, the area includes: adjustable pads, full access zipper
The area is unique for various appliances from laptop to iPad
Open area at the top of the bag, in the area of ​​multiple pockets and place for smart phone, cables, pens, keys and other items in a way that allows to arrange things securely to avoid mess
A built-in fire bag will keep valuable equipment from any weather - AW
waist-belt is padded and detachable, the strap offers comfort and ability to be concealed during additional travel

Suitable for -

DSLR camera with a connected lens (Nikon D810 with up to 70-200mm f / 2.8)
2-3 additional lenses
Mobile phone, headset, radix, keys etc.

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