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IDF Tactical Hi-Vest


$370.00 is proud to announce that it is now an official distributor of Agilite Tactical Gear.

Agilite is the latest prestigious Israeli gear brand to be added to our arsenal. Their high end tactical equipment is in use within the Israel Defense Forces and is also available in United States military camouflage patterns including Multicam and ACU.

The Tactical Hi-Vest by Agilite

Agilite's signature product, the Tactical Hi-Vest, is amongst the most advanced load-bearing systems available on the market today and is the result of several years of development within Israeli Special Forces units. It is used in some of the world's most advanced militaries.

The Agilite Tactical Hi-Vest sits higher on the body than conventional load-bearing equipment, raising the wearer’s center of gravity to allow for optimum maneuverability, comfort and speed. The extra height also allows for improved access to ammunition and grenade pouches.

The height of the vest frees up the hips and abdomen, allowing an increased level of agility which is critical for military and security personnel, especially in urban combat situations. The Tactical Hi-Vest is highly adjustable, can typically be worn with or without body armor and fits over standard issue and other types of ballistic protection.

Each Tactical Hi-Vest comes with its own modular assault pack that detaches in seconds leaving the wearer with a totally flat back for carrying a larger backpack.

The Tactical Hi-Vest is the only Israeli tactical vest of its standard that is also available in US military camouflage patterns.

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