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Israel Military Products -Modern Light Weight Combat Helmet

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Modern Light Weight Combat Helmet



RBH 303 AU LW Modern Light Weight Combat Helmet The RBH 303 AU LW is a lightweight combat helmet based on the American MICH helmet shape. The RBH 303 AU LW has a special harness which ensures maximum comfort along with high ballistic protection (level IIIA according to NIJ 0108.01 and NIJ 0106.01). The RBH 303 AU LW is designed to offer protection against high and low velocity fragments in accordance with MIL-STD 662F and to offer low velocity impact protection in accordance with EN 397. Ballistic Material: Aramid Protection Level: IIIA Bullet Resistance: 9 mm 124 gr' FMJ, 0.44" Mag 240 gr', SWCGC Fragmentation Performance [17 grain] (v50): 610 / 630 / 650 / 670 m/s Available Color(s): Black, Olive Green or according to customer's requirements Available Size(s): S, M, L, XL Weight(s): 1,130 g (S), 1,180 g (M), 1,250 g (L), 1,400 g (XL) Apply for price

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