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Israel Military Products Protective Pilot Jacket

Israel Military Products

Protective Pilot Jacket



Pilot Flight Jacket Body Armor and bullet proof vest

Includes two Sides Protection made of kevlar - ballistic cloth in level 3A, NIJ 01.01.04

Comes in size S to 5XL- Size 3XL to 5XL with extra cost.

Our unique fragmentation and bullet proof vests have been combat proven under the harshest conditions and provide utmost protection while allowing easy maneuverability and mobility. 50 years of experience working together with the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have made our vests one of our best leading products. Our manufacturer's R&D department specializes in developing and engineering body armor fragmentation and bullet resistant vests to suit every mission and assignment.

All types of vests can be tailored to customer's requirements,to meet threat protection levels I up to IIIA per N.I.J. STD 0101.04 or V50 test by using ballistic material such as Kevlar, Tuaron, Spectra or Daynama. In order to upgrade the vest to protection level III or IV we use ceramic or Famostone plates inserted in special pockets in the front or back of the vest.

Our vests are in service and in use by the IDF, the Israel National Police ,Israeli anti-terror units,interior security groups, VIP bodyguards,etc, and are exported all over the world. Fragmentation and bullet proof vests are produced to meet V50 test,MIL 662E, N.I.J.STD IDF specifications,and accommodate users' requests.

Price is not including plates which has to be ordered separately.

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